Click to enlarge1867-8 International Patterns

This page shows the foreign issues related to J656-J659/P729-P732.

The first one illustrated above is the French version of our pattern $5 / 25 Franc Gold pattern designed by Albert D. Barre with laureate Bust facing left of Napoleon III. It is known as VG3703 and also MAZ1745.

VG = "Monnaies Francaises * Colonies 1670 - 1942 * Métropole 1774 - 1942." Published Versailles, 1942 by Victor Guilloteau

Maz = Histoire Monetaire Et Numismatique Contemporaine 1790 - 1967, Tome II published Paris 30 Sept 1967 by Jean Mazard

Companion pieces include the related French / British 10 Florin / 25 Franc piece VG3702 and MAZ1746 in gold which is illustrated below.

Great Britain produced a double florin / 5 franc piece, WR-372 (Wilson and Rasmussen) that is illustrated below which is similar in size to our gold dollar. This example is courtesy of American Numismatic rarities from the April 2005 Eliasberg sale.

These exist with both plain edge WR-372 and reeded edge WR-373. Examples of both, as a cased set, were in Heritage 1/14 international sale.

Great Britain also produced the silver one franc / ten pence (ESC-3167) piece illustrated below.

Great Britain also produced a one hundred pence / one ducat piece WR-388 so the international coinage went beyond just the U.S., France and Great Britain as shown below.

A new book has been written by Steven Reti which discusses some of the history surrounding these pieces. For more information click here.

Photos courtesy of David Cassel.