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The Smithsonian Institution example of the famous silver centered cent without the silver cent. This was struck in copper and/or billon, the latter often referred to as fusible alloy. Judd describes these as having obliquely reeded edges but all examples I have seen have normal vertical reeding.

Fewer than ten examples are known with this one being the finest known. It is the Judd 1st-7th edition plate coin. An example is also in the ANA Museum. The finest collectible is the former Seavey, Parmelee, Brand, Norweb, A. Weinberg piece.

Over a dozen examples are known of J1/P1 with the silver center with the Gschwend-Ellsworth-Garrett and Brock-Univ of Penn-Norweb coins, both uncirculated, being the two finest.

There is also a recently discovered example, probably the finest known of all of these, which was struck without the silver plug in it resulting in the coin having a small hole in the middle. It was offered as lot 1400 in Stacks 3/95 sale and is believed to be in the Partrick collection. We have not assigned it a separate Judd or Pollock number as we are not sure if this was deliberate or some kind of mint error in the production of the J1/P1.

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Photo courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution.