Click to enlargeJA1792-2/P3004

The 1792 "Wright" quarter reverse die trial struck in white metal used on J12-J13/P14-P15. This is one of the two earliest known die trials struck by the U.S. Mint.

Only a single example is known of this and the companion obverse die trial JA1792-1/P3001. Both are ex Bushnell (S.H & H. Chapman 6/1882), S.H & H. Chapman 5/1883, Garrett-JHU, Bowers and Ruddy 3/81 (Garrett IV), Bowers and Ruddy RCR #39, Bowers and Merena 1/99, Southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 - NGCXF45.

Photo courtesy of Northeast Numismatics.