Click to enlargeNew Judd 9th Edition
September 1, 2005


Atlanta, Georgia - In October Whitman Publishing, LLC, will release the ninth edition of Dr. J. Hewitt Judd's classic United States Pattern Coins, updated with new research, market prices, and expanded text by Q. David Bowers.

The hardcover book is a complete resource for the history, rarity, and values of these popular experimental pieces, from 1792 to 2000. "United States Pattern Coins illustrates the trials, struggles, and backstage intrigue that preceded so many of the United States Mint's regular issues," says Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. "This is a fascinating inside look at America's rarest coins."

At 352 pages, the fully illustrated ninth edition is 16 pages longer than the eighth (published in 2003). Q. David Bowers, the "dean of American numismatics," with the aid of preeminent experts in the field, builds upon the strong foundation originally laid by Dr. Judd in 1959.

Saul Teichman, Robert Hughes, John Gervasoni, Julian Leidman, and Andy Lustig are among the coin dealers and researchers who have contributed to the new edition. Hundreds of crisp new high-resolution photographs complement the text, with many images provided by the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution, Princeton University, and other premier institutions that hold these rare coins.

The book includes new appendices that examine pieces struck outside the Mint; pattern coinage metals; and a gallery of unusual sets and curiosities. It includes new research on authenticity, provenance, populations, rarity levels, recent auctions, and retail values. Tucker notes that gold and aluminum pieces in particular have seen increased market activity recently, while famous "story coins" such as the Amazonian gold and silver pieces, Washlady coins, and Shield Earring silver pieces remain highly popular.

"If you collect U.S. coins and think you've seen it all, you're really only getting half the story," says Mary Counts, president of Whitman Publishing. "United States Pattern Coins will open a whole new world."

The book will premier at the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo in Atlanta, October 6. It will be available at coin shops and bookstores for $29.95.


Editor's note: This new edition is much cleaner than the 8th edition with only a few minor errors remaining. A listing of errors found for this addition is available by clicking here.