Click to enlargeJC1938-1

The following is a reverse electrotrial by Anthony deFrancisci, not Felix Schlag as previously report, and appears to be a copper electrotype shell over a silvery base metal. The models for this design are in the Smithsonian as donated by Teresa deFrancisci and are shown below courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution and Roger Burdette.

They were the sculptor's submission for the 1938 nickel contest, but were not accepted.

It is a recent discovery by Mike Byers. It is not a Mint product but is similar in fabric to the Fraser electrotrials in Judd 7th edition. We have assigned it as JC1938-1 and it is now in the included in the 9th edition of Judd.

The piece was offered in ANR/Stacks 11/06, Heritage 9/10 and Stacks-Bowers 8/11 ANA sales.

Photo courtesy of Mike Byers.