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Although listed by Judd as a regular dies trial piece struck in silver, Taxay describes this as a mint error, struck on a dime planchet which your editor believes is the more likely scenario.

At least 3 examples are known:

1) McCoy (Woodward 5/1864), Cohen (Cogan 10/1875), Roberts, unknown intermediaries, H Chapman 6/6/1898, V. Brand (journal id #18625), Armin Brand, consigned to FCC Boyd on 7/19/40 returned, consigned to Stacks on 7/8/41 who placed it in their August 1941 Opezzo sale, Farouk, Judd, Sloss, 79 ANA as MS63. It was withdrawn from the 79 ANA sale and, to my knowledge, has not appeared on the market since.

2) Heritage 9/08 sale - NGCG6, illustrated above courtesy of Andy Lustig.

3) Mocatta-StacksBowers 8/22 - PCGS VF details, tooled, illustrated below courtesy of StacksBowers