Click to enlargeJ450/P522

The so-called transitional eagle with 'In God We Trust' on the reverse. This reverse was adopted in 1866.

These are believed to have been struck in 1865 although they may also have been restruck in the early 1870s. The first appearance of this design was in the April 1870 auction by John Haseltine of coins from the Idler collection.

Two examples of this design are known in gold J449/P521 Farouk's, first offered in a June 1870 Mason and Company sale, the other in the Smithsonian.

About 20 are known in copper J450/P522 as illustrated and were first offered in Haseltine's April 1870 sale of some Idler patterns. Idler is famous today as one of the collector/dealers who had "connections" with the mint. Several of these have been gilted. To see all available images, click here .

Image courtesy of Bowers and Merena.