Click to enlargeJ43/P6205

This is a striking combining an 1813 obverse (Overton 107) with an 1810 reverse (Overton 104). It is believed to have been struck by or for Joseph Mickley from dies sold by the mint as scrap.

Examples are known as follows:

Copper with plain edge J42/P6200 with only the Fewsmith (1870), Parmelee (1890), Low 6/1903, Brand (journal id #26157), Farouk, Kagin 11/74 sale coin confirmed.

Brass with plain edge J42A-J43/P6205 with only two believed known as follows:

1) Fewsmith (1870), Parmelee (1890), Low 6/1903, Brand (journal id #26158), Cox-Stacks 4/62, Boosel, Witham-Auction 81, Bowers and Merena 9/92, Bowers and Merena 11/2002 - PCGS64 and is illustrated above.

2) SH & H Chapman 7/1901, Brand (journal id #22090), Kagins 11/74 described as being on a very large planchet with rotated reverse.

Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena.