Click to enlargeJ371/P440

The regular dies trial piece. Examples of this design were supposedly struck from both the "Small Motto" and "Large Motto" obverse dies which probably means that they were struck at different times.

The illustration below courtesy of PCGS shows the difference in the size of the motto.

Examples of this design are known as follows:

Large Motto

Copper J370. This was delisted by Pollock as being virtually indistinguishable from a regular bronze piece. At least 2 different examples have been slabbed by the grading services.

Copper-nickel J371/P440 with over a dozen known. These appear to be 1864 products as the dies used were from an 1864 hub. These are normally on ~92 grain planchets as opposed to the next. Metallurgical analysis is recommended as oddly toned regular proofs could be misattributed as one of these.

One of these is known on a broad 144 grain planchet which has been misdescribed in Judd and Pollock as a J364/P438. It is now listed as J371A and is ex Brenner-1914 ANS, Brand (journal #92500:457), Farouk, Pine Tree 9/74. We show a distorted image from the Pine Tree sale from the Newman portal. The coin is actually round.

Aluminum J372/P442 with the following 2 confirmed. For all available images of this and the next, click here.

Per William Woods, these are novodels using dies made from a circa 1871 hub and are believed to have been struck for inclusion in complete sets combined with quarters, half dollars and silver dollars with the "In God We Trust" reverses on them as used from 1866 onward circa 1869 or later. For more on this, click

1) Lauder-Doyle Galleries 12/83 - PCGS66

2) J.E. Drew, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 - PCGS65 with spot or hole below O in GOD

Nickel J372A/P441 with 2 known as follows:

1) B/R 1/75, Hughes 10/80, J. E Drew

2) Simpson-Heritage 4/21 - PCGSVG8

Small Motto with none confirmed to exist !!

Copper J373. This is unlisted in Pollock. At least 2 different examples have been slabbed by the grading services but we do not know if any were tested.

Copper-nickel J374/P436. This is unconfirmed.