Click to enlargeJ363/P437

This pattern shows the regular 1864 two cent obverse with the 1863 reverse with the word "Cents" well curved. Examples of this design were struck from the "Small Motto" and purportedly the "Large Motto" obverse dies - see note below. The illustration below courtesy of PCGS shows the difference in the size of the motto.

Examples of this design were struck as follows:

Large Motto

Copper or Bronze J363/P437 with no examples confirmed by modern scholars. An example was noted in Dr Judd's collection per "An Illustrated History of United States Coins" by A. Kosoff but the image in the Judd book is a composite !!

Copper-nickel J364/P438 has been delisted as it is actually an example of J371/P440 struck with the regular reverse die on a broad planchet.

Aluminum J365/P439. Pollock mentions the Olsen, Farouk coin per Taxay but we believe it is actually the 'Small Motto' coin below.

Editor's note: We believe that none of these were struck using the large motto reverse die.

Small Motto

Copper or Bronze J366-J367/P433 with at least a half dozen known combined. To see images of all of these, click here.

Copper-nickel J368/P434 which is not confirmed to exist.

Aluminum J369/P435. which is believed to be unique and is ex-Parmelee, Brenner-1914 ANS exhibit, Brand (journal #92500:453e), Olsen-Mehl 11/44, Farouk, Pine Tree 9/74, B/M 6/96, Simpson-Heritage 11/20 - PCGS62 and has rim damage at 7:30 as illustrated below courtesy of PCGS.

An incomplete white metal splasher of this design,
JA1864-1/P3260, is in the collection of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

The image is a composite using a large motto obverse with the curved cent reverse die. Photos used are courtesy of Teletrade.