Click to enlargeJ1709/P1913

Barber's nickel design. This is one of 4 patterns for this year using different alloys of nickel and/or copper showing their composition on the reverse within the wreath. To view the set, click here.

These are listed as follows:

Pure or 75% Nickel J1707/P1911. Over a dozen are known most weighing about 88 grains which is 7 grains higher than the pure nickel coins listed as J1704/P1908. These were described as pure nickel in the earlier editions of Judd because they are magnetic. One example weighing 84.87 grains has been tested and is described as being 73% nickel, 23% copper, 2.7% zinc and 1.5% trace elements.

Nickel J1708/P1912. These are non-magnetic and are likely struck in standard coin nickel of 75% copper and 25% nickel. About a half dozen are known.

Aluminum J1709/P1913 as illustrated. About a half dozen are known. To see images of all of these, click here.