Click to enlargeJ1703/P1905

George Morgan's "Shield Earring" design considered to be one of the most beautiful ever made by the US Mint. This design was issued in sets of the quarter dollar, half dollar and silver dollar in both silver and copper as above.

The following examples are confirmed: To see images of all of these, click here.

1) Doughty 4/1891, Reed, OCL-WHM ICG66RB possibly the Maris and/or Vicksburg-Stetson coin

2) Stacks privately to David Queller, Heritage 1/09 - NGC66RB.

3) B/R 10/77, Superior 1/89, Superior 10/89, Auction 90 as PCGS64RB, Virginia collection, Heritage 4/17 - PCGS65RB spot in lettering removed.

4) Taylor-NN61st, Hughes 7/80?, Tangible Assets, Teletrade 3/3/93, Marin, Alhambra/Hanks, Superior 4-7/00 FPL?, Heritage 2/01 (not sold), Heritage 5/01 (not sold) as PCGS66RB, ANR 7/05 as PCGS66BN, Simpson collection - PCGS67RB, illustrated above.

5) Burke-B/M 5/94, Superior 8/95 (not sold), Superior 3/01, Heritage 1/07, M. Hagen, Simpson-Heritage 4/21 - PCGS66RB

One of these, #2?, is ex Col Green (B.G Johnson 1/2/1945 invoice), Rumbel. Lohr's is either #2, #3 or a sixth example.

Examples were also struck in silver
J1702/P1904 with fewer than a dozen known.

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A single obverse splasher of just Liberty's head, struck in copper, is also known as JA1882-1/P3485.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.