Click to enlargeJ1650/P1850

This is considered to be one of the uglier designs made by the U.S. Mint. It is a repeat of the design from 1879 used on J1622-J1625/P1818-P1821.

It was also part of a goloid set. To view Morgan's set which included this design, click here.

Examples were struck in the following combinations: To see images of all of these, click here.

Silver or Goloid J1648/P1848 with about a dozen known. It would be interesting to test these to see if any are actually Goloid.

Copper J1649/P1849 with over a dozen known.

Aluminum J1650/P1850 with 5 or 6 known:

1) Maris, Garrett-JHU, B/R 3/80 Garrett II, Superior 6/98, Heritage 3/99, Teletrade 12/6/99, Teletrade 12/27/99 - PCGS64, illustrated above, corrosion near star 13 and a toning line through OL in DOLLAR

2) Heritage 97 ANA, B/M 8/00 ANA, Heritage 4/18 - PCGS65 with a few spots below Liberty's chin

3) Heritage 8/06 as PCGS65, Heritage 4/17 as NGC65, Heritage 11/17 as NGC65, Heritage 11/21 - PCGS65

4) Burke-B/M 5/94, Simpson-Heritage 4/21 - PCGS65

5) Superior 4/03, Superior 7/03 as NGC65, Heritage 1/04 FUN as NGC65, ANR 8/04 as NGC65, Heritage 1/24 FUN - PCGS65

6) Auction 90 - NGC65