Click to enlargeJ1645/P1845

This obverse was taken from the $50 half union pattern of 1877 J1546/P1719.

It is a repeat of the same design from 1879 used on J1617-J1621/P1813-P1817. It was also part of a goloid set. To view Barber's set which included this design, click here.

It was struck in the following combinations:

Silver or Goloid J1645/P1845 with about 20 known. It would be interesting to test these to see if any of these are actually Goloid. To see images of all of these, click here.

Copper J1646/P1846 with about 20 known. To see images of this and the nexr, click

Aluminum J1647/P1847 with the following 5 believed to be different.

1) Dibello-Stacks 5/70, Crouch-Superior 6/77, NERCA 5/78, Ivy 8/80 ANA, B/M 1/94 - PCGS65 with a ping or corrosion in the field to the right of the date

2) Maris, Garrett-JHU, B/R 3/80 Garrett II, NERCA 7/80

3) Lohr?, Rothchild-Stacks 10/03, Simpson-Heritage 1/21, Heritage 8/22 ANA, 8/20/23 - PCGS66 on a good planchet.

4) Newman-Heritage 4/13 - NGC66 with horizontal laminations across lower obverse

5) Newcomer, Boyd, Farouk, Hydeman-Kosoff 3/61, Merkin 9/68 where described as "Gem brilliant proof, flan defective as made", Heritage 4/13 - PCGS66 with vertical laminations by left obverse stars.

Note: Coin #3 was described as being the Newcomer, Boyd, Hydeman, Merkin coin when it was offered in Stacks Rothchild sale but the description of that coin in the Merkin sale does not seem to match. We believe the pedigrees as noted are correct.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.