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The Quintuple Stella or Metric Double Eagle. This is one of the most famous of all pattern designs.

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To my knowledge, no one has ever tested to see if these were actually struck in the alloy mentioned on the coin itself.

According to Roger Burdette, 5 examples were struck by February 3, 1879 and all are still known to exist as follows: To see images of all of these, click here.

1) Mint, Hubbell, Haseltine 11/1881 (type table sale-lot 1490 not sold), Hebbeard (HP Smith 4/1883-lot 458), Maris (HP Smith 6/1886-lot 230 at $110), Garrett-JHU, Garrett II-lot 1097 $90,000, Trompeter, Superior 1/89 lot 4026 at $170,500, Heritage 1/07, Superior 5/08 as PCGS62, StacksBowers 3/18, Heritage 1/22 FUN - PCGS63

2) Brand, Carter-Stacks 1/84 lot 635 at $93,500, Trompeter-Superior 2/92 lot 138 at $187,000, Heritage Inventory 2/99 as PCGS62, Simpson, Legend 5/16 - PCGS64

3) Brand, Menjou lot 1813, Farouk lot 294, 58 ANA lot 1676, Stacks-Auction 79 lot 950 at $100,000, Stacks, Smithsonian along with the Garrett example (gilt) of J1644/P1844

This one is believed to also be ex Newcomer, Col Green and the one offered by B.G. Johnson to F.C.C. Boyd in a January 4, 1944 invoice for $1250.

4) Brand, Olsen (Mehl 11/44) lot 624, Wilkison, Paramount, A-Mark, Nerca 4/80 lot 391 at $135,000, Stacks 10/00 lot1626 as NGC63CAM, southern collection, Simpson collection - PCGS64 and is the illustrated example.

5) H.P. Smith, J.S. Jenks, Sears ?, Clapp, Eliasberg, Bowers & Merena 5/96 at $214,500, Bowers & Merena 4/08 - NGC64 chip by star 10 visible on all plates

The Brand collection contained three, one purchased in 1894 from Steigerwalt (#12582) for $100. This piece went to Armin Brand and was sold to B.G. Johnson on 12/1/1937. Two others were purchased from Nagy (ex Idler or Snowden?) in 1907 (#38942 and 38943) for $150 each but only one of these, which went to Horace, was still in the collection when the brothers split the coins.

The R. Coulton Davis coin is either ex Steigerwalt, Brand or the Eliasberg coin.

This was also struck in copper J1644/P1844 with about a dozen known, at least 5 of which have been gilt as noted below. To see images of all of these, click

1) Smithsonian

2) Bosbyshell, Newlin 1885, Garrett-Stacks 3/76, Stacks Auction 79, Connecticut collection, L Hanks, Stacks, Smithsonian, gilt

3) Stacks 10/71, Bass, HWBRF-Heritage 5/23 - PCGS64, gilt

4) Kreisberg 2/77 Moskowitz sale, Sieck-81 ANA, Christies 9/86, gilt

5) Hewitt, B/M 11/84, MARCA 9/85 ?, gilt

Note: The Farouk pedigree given this in the sale catalog is dubious to say the least.

6) Empire 10/63, Heritage 7/02, Heritage 2/11 as NGC62, Simpson-Heritage 1/24 FUN - PCGS63, gilt

7) RARCOA 5/71, Superior 10/74, NERCA 79 ANA, Hughes 1/80, Akers Auction 90 as PCGS65RB, Heritage 1/03, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 PCGS66RB

8) Woodin, Newcomer, Farouk, Judd, Paramount RCR #9-10 (1974-5), Browning-Sotheby 10/2001, Heritage 1/07, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 PCGS64RB

9) Newman-Heritage 4/13 as NGC64RB, Simpson-Heritage 5/24 PCGS64RB

10) Kreisberg 5/66 lot 1398, Harmer-Rooke 11/69 lot 3749, unknown intermediates, Simpson-Heritage 4/21 - PCGS64RB

Virgil Brand owned 2, journal #40585-Nagy 10/3/1907 and #82195-H. Chapman 3/14/1917 auction lot 867.

There is also an example struck in copper
J1642/P1842 which was actually the first struck of this design. This famous coin is actually the result of a die cutting error in that it is missing the period between the 3 and 5. This coin was struck, the error noticed and the period was placed low in the die. They then struck the copper J1644/P1844 and gold examples J1643/P1843.

Photo courtesy of Stacks.