Click to enlargeJ1545/P1718

George Morgan's famous liberty head design, previously believed to have been modeled after Anna Williams used as a design for a $10 gold piece. Research by Robert W. Julian places a May to June 1877 timeframe for these.

This design was repeated in 1878 on J1581-J1582/P1774-P1775.

It also inspired the motto placement on J1510-J1511/P1674-P1675.

Unlike the 1878 dated piece, this was struck only in copper.

The following 10 are confirmed. To see available images, click here.

1) Smithsonian

2) Dr Judd, Merkin 6/30/65 trade, CMB-Smithsonian, gilt, with museum glue on the reverse illustrated above

3) Stickney (H. Chapman 6/1907) lot 577, Mitchelson-CSL - gem proof

4) Clapp, Eliasberg-B/M 5/96, B/M 11/98, StacksBowers 11/23 PCGS66RB

5) Smith 10/71, Bass, HWBRF-Heritage 5/23 - PCGS63, gilt

6) Bolt-Stacks 4/66, Heritage 1/06 PCGS64RB

7) Bosbyshell, Newlin 9/1885, Garrett-JHU, B/R 3/80 Garrett II, Sieck-81 ANA, Amwest (Hughes) 11/81, gilt

8) B/M 8/87 ANA - gem proof

9) Farouk ?, Kreisberg-Schulman 2/60 ?, NERCA 7/79 ANA, B/M 1/97 - gilt

10) Heritage 2/06 PCGS64RB

A reverse hub trial showing just the eagle, struck in lead,
P3464 is also known.

Photo courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution and is the former Chase Manhattan Bank specimen.