Click to enlargeJ1539/P1708

Barber's capped Liberty design. Was this made to compete with the familiar Morgan design? This die shows a vertical die scratch to the left of the 'I' in 'In' from the rim to Liberty.

Only 2 examples are known as follows:

1) Judd, Numismatic Enterprises 2/66, Stacks 3/80, Hughes 7/80, Tangible Assets, Teletrade 3/3/93, Marin, 94 ANA as PCGS65BN - bought back Marin, Southern collection as NGC66BN, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 - PCGS66BN, illustrated above courtesy of PCGS, click on the thumbnail image to see an enlargement.

2) Anderson/Dupont-Stacks 11/54, Stacks 9/99, Heritage 11/03, Queller-Heritage 1/09, Heritage 4/10, Stacks-Bowers 3/12, Scotsman 10/13, Heritage 8/19 ANA as NGC65RED, NCS'd now NGC66RB, StacksBowers 6/24 - PCGS65RB, illustrated below before and after NCSing courtesy of Heritage and Rare Coin Wholesalers.

This design was also struck in silver J1539A/P1707 with only 3 known.

For pedigree information on this and all 1877 half dollars, click here.

An obverse hub trial in lead of just Liberty's head P3434 is known.