Click to enlargeJ1526/P1694

The helmeted Liberty design executed by William Barber. This was apparently inspired by a drawing prepared by Christian Gobrecht in the late 1830s per Pollock. To view this drawing, click here.

Only 4 examples are known as follows: To see images of all of these, click here.

1) Judd, Stacks 3/80, Stacks 6/99, Superior 7/03 (not sold), M. Hagen, Simpson NGC66/PCGS66

2) Woodin, Newcomer, Col Green, Taylor (B.G. Johnson 12/13/44 invoice), NN61st 6/70, Bass-HWBRF, B/M 5/99 as PCGS65, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 NGC66/PCGS66 Pollock plate, dipped long ago

3) Farouk-Sothebys 2/54, Dibello-Stacks 5/70, Bass, Champa-B/R 5/72, Sieck-81 ANA, Evans-B/M 8/98, Heritage 1/04 - PCGS62, illustrated above

4) Lohr, Cox-Stacks 4/62, Boosel, Fred-B/M 11/95 as PCGS64, Novoselsky, Higman-Alterman, Alhambra/Hanks, Superior 4/00 FPL, B/M 10/00 (not sold), Heritage 1/07, M.Hagen as NGC66, Virginia collection, Heritage 1/17 PCGS65

Note: J1527/P1695 in copper is not believed to exist.

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Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena.