Click to enlargeJ1514/P1678

George T. Morgan's famous Liberty Head design previously believed to have been modeled after Anna Williams. Research by Robert W. Julian dates this to February of 1877 and is actually the first of the 4 Morgan dies of this year.

The reverse has the eagle's feathers in a fantail design and per research by Robert W. Julian is believed to be the first 1877 half pattern by Morgan this year.

Only 7 examples are known as follows, all but one of which are in high grade: To see images of all of these, click here.

1) Doughty-NY Coin & Stamp 4/1891, Reed-Durham Museum (P253) ICG66 dark tone illustrated above.

2) Newcomer, Boyd, Judd, 66 ANA ?, Coronet Coin FPL, Stacks 3/80, 82 ANA, Virginia collection-Heritage 1/17 FUN as PCGS65, Legend Auctions 10/17 - PCGS66

3) Dibello-Stacks 5/70, Bass-HWBRF, B/M 5/99 as PCGS64, Superior 7/99 FPL, Superior 9/99 (not sold), M. Hagen as NGC66, Simpson-Heritage 4/21, M. Hagen - PCGS66, illustrated below, dipped since.

4) Col Green, Taylor (B.G. Johnson 12/13/44 invoice), NN61st 6/70, Champa-B/R 5/72, Stacks 2/78, K. Goldman, J. Notrica 5/90, Superior 7/93, Simpson collection - PCGS65

5) Lohr, Cox-Stacks 4/62, Champa-B/R 5/72, Stacks 2/78, Queller-Heritage 1/09 - NGC67 - Pollock plate

6) Cogan in 1883, Garrett-JHU, Stacks 3/76, Evans-B/M 8/98, K. Goldman, Superior 7/03, ANR 12/03, Superior 4/04, Heritage 8/04, Heritage 1/05, ANR 3/06 as NGC66, Stacks-Bowers 8/11 ANA, Simpson-Heritage 1/21 - PCGS66

7) Farouk-Sothebys 2/54, Bergin-Stacks 6/84, Stacks 1987 FPL, Auction 87, B/M 11/88, Superior 5/90, 90 ANA, Superior 2/91 (not sold) Morgan-StacksBowers 8/19 ANA - PCGS61 cleaned, lacquered (redipped before slabbing) - now NGC64

This design was also struck in copper
J1515/P1679 with at least 7 known.

For pedigree information on this and all 1877 half dollars, click here.

Photo from the Byron Reed Collection; owned by the City of Omaha, Nebraska; on loan to The Durham Museum.

Below is the former Harry Bass Foundation coin and is courtesy of Superior.