Click to enlargeJ1509/P1663

George T. Morgan's famous Liberty Head design previously believed to have been modeled after Anna Williams.

This design became the first prototype for the silver dollar of the following year J1550/P1725. Research by Robert W. Julian dates this to late August or early September 1877.

The following examples are known: To see images of all of these, click here.

1) Maris 6/1886, Garrett-JHU, Garrett I, Sieck-81 ANA, Rarcoa/Akers 8/91, Rarcoa 5/92, southern collection as PCGS64RB, Simpson collection - PCGS66RB

2) Judd, Numismatic Enterprises 2/66 ?, Coronet Coin FPL, Hughes 7/80, Heritage 2/84, Superior 10/89, Tangible Assets, Teletrade 3/3/93, Marin - PCGS65RB

3) Lohr, Davidson-B/R 11/76, Evans-B/M 8/98 PCGS65RB illustrated above.

4) Farouk-Sothebys 2/54, Bass-HWBRF, B/M 5/99 PCGS62RED cleaned, lacquered - Pollock plate, now rehabbed to Superior 5/04, Heritage 2/05, Stacks 11/07, Heritage 7/10, Stacks-Bowers 6/11 - NGC65BN It shows tooling on the cheek consistent with the removal of the bad carbon spot that shows on the Bass sale plate.

5) Farouk-Sothebys 2/54, Bergin-Stacks 6/84 - cleaned, lacquered, rehabbed, now PCGS63BN has first 2 stars weak.

6) Stacks 10/00, private collection - NGC62, silverplated.

Silver examples of
J1508/P1662 are not confirmed to exist today. The only listing I was ever able to find for it was a check mark next to the Adams and Woodin number in H.O. Granberg's deluxe copy of the 1913 edition of the Adams and Woodin book which was sold as part of the Harry W. Bass Jr. library by George Kolbe. That coin may be the silverplated copper example of J1509/P1663 offered in Stacks 10/2000 sale.

For pedigree information on this and all 1877 half dollars, click here.

Photo by Doug Plasencia and is courtesy of Bowers and Merena.