Click to enlargeJ149/P178

This cent design uses the quarter eagle obverse. Photo courtesy of Superior.

It was struck in the following combinations, all of which are described as P178. To my knowledge, these have not undergone metallurgic testing, something we recommend highly on these as it is likely that additional alloys other than those listed in Judd or Pollock exist.

German Silver 40% nickel, 40% copper, 20% zinc J149 with a dozen or so known.

German Silver 30% nickel, 60% copper, 10% zinc J150 with a dozen or so known.

Over a dozen are known of the first 2 varieties combined.

40% nickel, 60% copper J151 with about 2 dozen or so believed to exist including the spectacular 60% off center. piece illustrated below courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.