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William Barber's "Amazonian" design considered to be one of the most beautiful ever made by the US Mint. This design was issued in sets of the quarter dollar, half dollar and silver dollar in silver, copper and aluminum as above. To view the set, click here.

The Amazonian name dates to the 1890 New York Coin and Stamp auction of the Lorin G. Parmelee collection and was probably given by David Proskey.

The dollar die is famous for its missing feather on the reverse.

The following examples are confirmed: To see images of all of these, click

1) Farouk, Dibello-Stacks 5/70, Julius Turoff-Bowers and Merena 5/94 as PCGS64, Stacks 7/08 as PCGS65, Simpson collection - NGC65, illustrated above

2) Bower and Merena 11/93 sale ex-Federal Brand - PCGS65

3) Ivy, Rogers M. Fred-Bowers and Merena 10/95, Virginia collection, Heritage 1/18 FUN - PCGS65, illustrated below courtesy of David McCarthy

Col Green owned 2 according to Eric Newman's ledgers of the Col Green patterns purchased by he and B.G. Johnson.

Examples were also struck in silver
J1205/P1345, copper J1206/P1346.

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Photo courtesy of Stacks.