Click to enlargeJ1003/P1135

William Barber's seated liberty design. These were sold as part of complete sets. For additional information, click here.

Examples were struck in the following combinations.

J1002/P1134 in silver with reeded edge with over a dozen known.

J1003/P1135 in silver with plain edge with a dozen known.

J1004/P1136 in copper with reeded edge with a dozen known.

J1005/P1137 in copper with plain edge over a dozen known.

J1006/P1139 in aluminum with reeded edge with at least the following 3 known: To see available images of this and the next, click here.

1) Superior 1/88, unknown intermediates, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 - PCGS64

2) Heritage 3/98 as PCGS62, now PCGS63 with voids under star 1 and between stars 12 & 13

3) Hydeman-Kosoff 3/61, Stacks 12/61, Wilcox, Heritage 8/98 ANA, Leidman - PCGS65

J1007/P1140 in aluminum with plain edge with the following 5 known:

1) Mitchelson, Connecticut State Library

2) Heritage 4/17 as PCGSAU58, Heritage 1/18 FUN as PCGS61

3) New Millenium-Heritage 11/03, ANR 3/05, Legend 10/15 - PCGS64

4) Denali, Legend as PCGS64, Heritage 6/11, StacksBowers 6/12, Goldberg 6/14, Heritage 4/18, Heritage 11/21 - PCGS65 with a scratch below first 'S' in 'STATES'

5) Fairfield-B/R 10/77, unknown intermediates, Heritage 7/03 as NGC66, Simpson-Heritage 8/21, Saul Teichman - PCGS66