How To Use This Website
by Saul Teichman

The purpose of this page is to explain how to navigate through the more important buttons on the left side of our homepage.

The Recent Updates lists the new pages added to the website.

The Beginner's Corner contains pages that explain what patterns are, what books a collector should consider buying if one wishes to collect pattern coins and a glossary of terms used to describe these pieces.

The Research Center is the key to the website. It contains the following categories:

1) Search by Year lists all patterns by year and denomination and cross-references each to the major reference books on the subject. It is broken up into several date ranges to keep the page sizes manageable. If you know the year or the "pattern number" by Judd, Pollock, Adams & Woodin or Taxay number then this is where you should begin your quest. Just click on the link in the Photo Link column for the specific pattern you are interested in and the site will bring you to that coin.

2) Search by Denomination is the guts of this website and acts as our Photo Gallery. It contains images, descriptions, rarity and pedigree information on about 3000 items.

To our knowledge, it contains more images of this rare series than any other website or written reference work. It is over 90% complete and contains images never before seen by the numismatic community including many from the most famous collections, museums and auctions of the past years.

Combined, these 2 sections represent the information found in most pattern books.

3) Specialist Topics contains articles related to various specialities within the pattern series as follows:

     A) Collectors and Collections provides a listing of the important patterns collections of the past.

     B) Designers and Engravers gives a history of the people responsible for the majority of patterns produced in the 1800s.

     C) Discoveries and Rediscoveries lists patterns which have just recently appeared or reappeared on the marketplace.

     D) Pedigrees provides one-stop shopping regarding the ownership of several popular series of patterns. Additional information regarding pedigrees is provided in the Search by Denomination.

     E) Research Articles provides information regarding specific information about certain patterns which is too detailed for the photo gallery or a series of patterns which can be referenced in one place.

4) Museum Collections contains inventory listings along with links to the Search by Denomination for the pieces in these institutions.

5) Auction Prices Realized contains the results of major pattern auctions of the last few years. It is shown as a guide for collectors to determine the value of their own holdings as well as current market trends.

We recommend that users examine the various offerings for themselves. Any suggestions to improve the website are greatly appreciated.