1869 Standard Silver Set

The standard silver series was devised as a means of redeeming fractional currency notes using pieces of reduced weight. In effect, these were token coinage as they were worth less than their face value.

The Mint produced 3 designs for the dime, quarter and half dollar and prepared a single reverse design differing only in the denomination. These pieces were struck in silver, copper and aluminum with either plain or reeded edges and were sold to collectors for $15 per set of 9 pieces per Mason & Co's 6/1870 sale and also Ed Cogan's 5/1873 Isaac Wood sale.

We show all nine pieces below.

Dimes J696/P775, J702/P781 and J708/P787

Quarters J721/P802, J727/P808 and J733/P814

Half Dollars J742/P823, J748/P831 and J754/P838

These were repeated as above in 1870 as is and with a new reverse.

Photos used courtesy of PCGS.