1858 One Cent 12 Piece Set

Possibly the first set of patterns actually sold to collectors by the U.S. Mint are the 1858 dated one cent twelve piece sets. These were used by the Mint as trade material along with other restrikes for Washingtoniana. For more on the latter, see page 82 of Don Taxay's "Counterfeit, Mis-Struck and Unofficial U.S. Coins".

These sets, excluding die varieties, are composed of 3 obverse designs as shown below.

and 4 reverse designs.

These 12 pieces comprise 11 patterns and the regular issue Flying Eagle Cent in Proof. Some sets, Stacks 2/78 Goshen sale and possibly Eliasberg's have had this piece replaced with a die trial in nickel or german silver J217A/P240.

The Flying Eagle Cents are known from both the Large and Small letters obverses, the Indian Cents are known from both the Low and Centered Date and the Laurel reverse is known struck from both 5 leaf and 6 leaf dies indicating that these were struck throughout the year and possibly beyond as needed.

I have not been able to find out what price the Mint actually sold these for when not used in trade. The first occurrence for one of these sets at auction is believed to be lots 177-188 of Edward Cogan's March 1859 Chas B. Foote sale.

Coins in the set are as follows:

Large Flying Eagle Obverse

Cereal Reverse - Regular Flying Eagle

Ornamented Shield Reverse - J193/P236 & J198/P229

Oak Wreath Reverse - J192/P235 & J197/P228

Laurel Wreath Reverse - J191/P233-P234 & J196/P227

Small Flying Eagle Obverse

Cereal Reverse J206/P242

Ornamented Shield Reverse J204/P248

Oak Wreath Reverse J203/P247

Laurel Wreath Reverse - J202/P245 & P246

Indian Cent Obverse

Cereal Reverse - J213/P251-P252 & P257-P258

Ornamented Shield Reverse - J212/P256 & P263

Oak Wreath Reverse - J211/P255 & P262

Laurel Wreath Reverse - J208/P253-P254 & P259-P261

Photo used are courtesy of Superior, Heritage, Stacks, Bowers and Merena and Teletrade.