1871 Longacre With Stars Set 1

James B. Longacre's seated liberty design with stars combined with the "Standard" reverse die. It was executed by William Barber as Longacre had died in 1869. It is one of 4 design types produced this year and the most common.

Sets were produced in silver (over a dozen), copper (about a dozen) and aluminum (at least 2). The dollar denomination was also produced with plain edges. Original sets, such as the illustrated one in the Smithsonian are extremely rare. Another silver set is in the Connecticut State Library and the Eliasberg set was sold individually.

The sets are made up of the half dime J1065/P1200, dime J1080/P1216, quarter J1096/P1232, half dollar J1111/P1247, and dollar J1133/P1270.



Photos are courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Instititution.