1871 Longacre Starless Set 1

James B. Longacre's seated liberty design without stars combined with the "Standard" wreath reverse die. It was executed by William Barber as Longacre had died in 1869. It is one of 4 design types produced this year.

Sets were produced in silver (about 1/2 dozen), copper (over 1/2 dozen) and aluminum (only 2) and included the half dime J1059/P1194, dime J1074/P1210, quarter J1090/P1226, half dollar J1105/P1241 and dollar J1120/P1256 as illustrated below.



Some sets included dollars with plain edges. Original sets are extremely rare. The Garrett silver set which included a plain edged dollar was sold piecemeal in the Garrett I and II sales and has since been reassembled. The set was later offered in ANR 10/05, Goldberg 5/08 and B/M 6/10 sales and by Legend.

Photos are courtesy of PCGS.