1859 2-Headed Indian Cent Mule Rediscovered
by Saul Teichman
September 13, 2000

This two-headed muling, a business striking - not a proof struck in copper-nickel, was recently rediscovered and was the subject of an article in the September 18, 2000 edition of Coin World. It had been submitted to ANACS for authentification.

This coin is probably tbe piece which was sold as lot 1532 of S. H. Chapman's sale of the Gable collection where it realized $20.00 - a huge sum for that time. It was purchased by Edgar H. Adams of Adams and Woodin fame.

It was later listed as AW318A in Green and Hewitts 1940 Priced Catalog of US Pattern Coins. It was also listed in the Mule section of Taxay's 1976 Comprehensive Encyclopedia.

We have assigned it the following Judd and Pollock numbers J229A/P273A. Please note that a followup article in Coin World describes this as a possible mint error.

The coin will appear at lot 4017A in Superior's October 2000 sale.

Photo courtesy of Superior.


Editor's Note: The coin realized an incredible $33,350.